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Multi Function Deposit



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- Currency : VND
- Minimum deposit amount: 100,000,000 VND
- Various deposit terms
- Interest rate: According to the interest rate schedule offered by BAOVIET Bank in periods
- Withdraw money at maturity of selected term: available with the two following methods:
+ Automatic: BAOVIET Bank shall refund the principal and interest on the maturity date of selected term.
+ Non-automatic: Customer shall carry out procedures to/not to withdraw money on maturity date of selected term.
+ Interest rate applied: according to the selected term
- Early withdrawal:
+ Customer can withdraw part or the whole of the multi-functional deposit before maturity.
+ Interest rate applied: Non-term interest rate applied to the withdrawn amount. The remaining amount maintained to the maturity date shall be applied interest rate stated in the contract
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- Various deposit terms available for selection with maximum flexibility in the value of the selected amount
- High profitability for idle money with attractive interest rates
- Withdrawal available both for a part or the whole of the deposit amount before maturity meeting the customer unexpected need of capital
- Available for use as collateral for other forms of credit at BAOVIET Bank and other credit institutions
- The procedure is simple, fast and convenient
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Please contact the nearest BAOVIET Bank branch or call the hotline for more details
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