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Trade Finance


It is a trade finance product, whereby customer is entitled to repay deferred LC while the beneficiary is still paid immediately

Money Receiving

Easy to get the receivables from exports of goods, services abroad ...

Transfer via T/T

Meet the need for quick and effective remittance abroad

Export Collection

Meet the need to pay exporters

Import Collection

Meet the need to pay importers

Export Document Discount

It is a form of short-term financing for exporters through the fact that BAOVIET Bank advances an amount of money to customers - exporters

Export finance in VND with USD interest rate

A short-term financing product for export enterprises with foreign currency income and committed to resell to BAOVIET Bank

Import LC Issuance

It is BAOVIET Bank's commitment of an irrevocable payment to beneficiary when the Document Set is presented in accordance with LC and applicable international

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