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What we can offer

BAOVIET Bank implements the "SUITABLE" recruitment policy, with the goal of "Attracting - Developing - Maintaining" best human resources in both quantity and quality. BAOVIET Bank ensures a competitive policy of salary, incentives, remuneration, and career advancement opportunities in adequacy with work performance in a transparent and fair manner.

1. Financial Policies:

Financial policy for official BAOVIET Bank's employees (staff) includes:

  • Salary
  • Allowances: Make-up allowance (for female employees), Lunch allowance, Petrol/travel allowance, Telephone, Hazardous allowance, ...
  • Welfare: trade unions of the Bao Viet Holdings and BAOVIET Bank give present or cash to employees on some public holidays and anniversaries of the bank; Mid-Autumn Festival/International Children's Day (for employee’s child)...
  • Performance incentives: is the income paid based on the labor performance corresponding to the assigned job.
  •  Business bonus: BAOVIET Bank pays annual bonuses to employees, according to the bank's business results and employees' performance evaluation.

2. Non – Financial Policies:

The non-financial remuneration policy for official BAOVIET Bank's employees (staff) is as follows:

  • Periodic Health care Program;
  • Human combined insurance (for employees with official working age of less than 12 months).
  • Comprehensive health insurance regime (for managers and employees with full 12 months or more of official working age).
  • Vacation regime: 12 days, for every 5 years working at BAOVIET Bank, one more day off is allowed.
  • Other remuneration.

In addition, at BAOVIET Bank, Trade Union, Youth Union, and ‘Golden Heart’ charity fund are being operated regularly, some activities of which are in coopertion with Bao Holdings.  The off-site activities toward the community and society enthusiastically responded by employees also contribute to creating a joyful, friendly and sharing working environment at BAOVIET Bank.

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