Property Insurance

Corporate Properties are the foundation of production and business activities as well as the development resources. In business operations today, enterprises are facing with the potential risks that is getting more complex such as fire, earthquakes, volcanoes, or from malicious acts of others, unexpected damage, .... Property Insurance product helps clients protect their property by the most effective manner.


  • The Insured Subjects: The factories, trade, hotels, services etc.
  • Types of insurance:
    • Property catastrophe risk insurance
    • Fire and explosion and other special hazards insurance


  • Insurance for property casuality caused by
    • Fire, explosion
    • Pertubation, strike, dismission
    • Macilious act
    • Earthquake, volcano eruption (including its consequential flooding and raised sea level)
    • Thunderstorm, water flooding
    • Break or overtopping of water resevoirs or water pipes
    • Crashes by vehicle or castle which do not belong to the ownership of the insured or their staff(s)
  •  Indemnity for necessary and reasonable expenses arising from the incidents within the scope of insurance in order to prevent, restrain arising damages
  •  Expandable terms are available depending on customer’s option
  • Poverty Insurance request
  • Certificate of business registration
  • Documents to prove the ownership of property