Health Insurance

The health of each individual is the steady sustainer for life, the originator for joy and happiness of each family, and, as well, the prerequisite for working activities that help originating values for corporates and for the whole society. Being a member of BAOVIET Holdings, BAOVIET Bank not only provides corporates with suitable financial solutions but also delivers practical benefits in insurance that help corporates to develop optimum personel policies to retain key staffs.


  • The insured: Corporates, organizations
  • The insured subjects: Key personels, employees, staffs of corporates
BAOVIET Bank will pay for following customer’s expenditures upon incidents:
  • Treatment, surgery expenses dues to illness
  • Medical expense dues to accidents
  • Indemnity liability upon the insured’s death, permanent injury dues to accidents
  • Indemnity liability upon the insured’s death, comprehensive disability dues to illness.
  • Extendable benefits (charge free): payment for healthcare service in case the insured must undertake in-patient treatment at hospital from 3 days upward.
  • High insurance liability, up to VND 200 million
  • Nationwide network of hospitals for health check, treatment and care, including top state-run hospitals as well as prestigious hospitals and clinics such as: L’Hôpital Francais De Hanoi, VietSing clinic, etc.
  • Get indemnity for treatment expenses
  • Various options for level of indemnity and subvention that suit with each type of demand; options for indemnity for outpatient treatment, emergency transport, income subvention are included.
  • Insurance premium is discounted for group of 25 people upward
  • No need to undertake health check before registering for insurance, easy procedure with low insurance premium
  • Served by professional staffs so that customer’s benefits are fully ensured
  • Health insurance request
  • Certificate of business registration