Export Bill Discounting

The product is a form of short-term financing for exporters through which BAOVIET Bank advances money to a client - the exporter on the basis of the export bill’s value.

Discounting Conditions:
  • Customers have direct or trust export function; efficient performance and healthy financial condition
  • Customer is the legal owner and has full title to benefit the bill
  • Method and time of payment of the bills:
    •  At sight L/C or deferred L/C of which the remaining maturity period is less than 180 days;
    • Document against payment (D/P) or Document against Acceptance (D/A) with the remaining maturity period less than 90 days which has been accepted by the importer or remaining payment period is less than 360 days and guaranteed or committed for payment by due date by a reputable bank.
  • Other conditions as prescribed by BAOVIET Bank
  • Increasing liquidity and accelerate cash flow of the business
  • Enhancing competitiveness by providing credit to importers in the form of deferred payment
  • Reducing the risk by transferring the debt to the bank; avoid exchange rate risk
  • The discount rate as high as 95% of the bill’s value
  • Competitive discount rates and fees
  • Simple and accelerated procedures
  • To be advised for perfect bills
  • Application form for the service
  • Foreign trade contracts and other documents related to the export transaction
  • The original L/C,  L/C notification and the amendments
  • The shipping documents and bills of exchange (if applicable)
  • Payment approval of reimbursing bank with method of deferred payment (if any)
  • Other documents in accordance with BAOVIET Bank regulations.