Tin An Gia (Insurance for Project house loans)

With Tin An Gia Loans product, BAOVIET Bank gives you a hand to build your dream home with many good plans, offers the option of preferential interest rates, flexible payment term, and peace of mind during loans term.

  • Having registration book/temporary resident permit (KT3) in the same locality of BAOVIET Bank;
  • Having legal capacity and full civil conduct capacity;
  • Proving stable income; feasible repayment plan guaranteeing the solvency to the bank. 


  • Diverse utilities
    • To suit borrowing needs: purchasing new house, building and repairing houses;
    • To response to 70% of customer demand;
    • Loan term is up to 180 months;
    • Loan interest is calculated on loan balance and the actual loan time;
    • The house planned to purchase can be used as collateral.
  • Attractive benefits
    • To be offered An Tam Phuc Gia insurance policy by BAOVIET Life Insurance;
    • The maximum insured sum is VND 1,500,000,000;
    • In case, the covered risk occurs, BAOVIET Life Insurance will on be half of the customer to complete loan repayment obligations, and the financial plan of the customer is guaranteed to be operated as expected.
  • Documents:
    • ID card (passport) and house registration book/ temporary resident permit, of the borrower and the borrower's spouse;
    • Request for loans cum request for insurance policy according to BAOVIET Bank’s form;
    • Relevant documents to verify the purpose of loan utilization: Housing purchase contract, House construction contract, Construction permit, repair permit ...;
    • Documents to verify financial capacity;
    • Loan security document, if the mortgaged property is another asset.