Progressive Interest Savings

You have a lot of choices for your savings?

You want to have the highest profit from your fund?

To choose our product of Savings with Progressive Interest Savings is your right decision. With the product, interest saving will progress in conformity to your saving “the higher the saving, the higher the interest saving”

  • You will get the most benefits with an attractive and Progressive Interest Savings in conformity to your balance.
  • The terms of savings are diversified.
  • Your Certificate of savings can be used as a mortgage for borrowing.
  • Flexi branch: Customers can saving the money at a place, and withdraw from many other places.
  • Currency: VND and USD.
  • Minimum initial deposit: VND 50,000,000 or USD 5,000.
  • Interest: Increase of interest in proportion to your saving amount.
  • Interest payment method:
    • On maturity date: Interest will be paid at the end of the term your request. If you do not come to get your interest, the interest will be automatically added into your principal for the next term (renewal);
    • Before maturity date: Interest on the principal in case of withdrawing before maturity date will be paid at time of withdrawal at a rate applied for the Call Savings.
  • Principal payment method: Principal will get a final settlement upon your request on maturity date. If you do not come to get your interest, the interest will be automatically transferred to a new term (renewal) of the same period as your initial product (in case of validity) or term-end interest payment saving (in case of invalidity).
  • Branches place (for savings and withdrawing): At any branch of BAOVIET Bank; your place of withdrawal can be different from the place of saving.


  • Applicant:
    • Savings in VND: all Vietnamese people and foreigners who are legally living and working in Vietnam.
    • Savings in foreign currencies: residents under Vietnamese laws.
  • Application Documents
    • Valid Identity Card/Passport.
    • Application for Personal Account Opening in case of the first branch of BAOVIET Bank
    • Term Savings form of BAOVIET Bank

 To find out more information, please call BAOVIET Bank Customer Sevices Center. Tel: 1900 55 88 48 or (04) 39 38 19 19