Private house insurance

In Oriental culture, the house is your pride, your family’s home, and where you feel the most comfortable and safest. BAOVIET Bank is happy to stand by protecting things you love.

  • Compensation limit: Compensation in each damage affair or in any insurance periods shall not exceed:
    • Actual damage to the insured house;
    • Insurance amount of the damaged category or the total amount of insurance if damage happens to all insured assets;
    • Any responsible limit written in Certificate of Insurance Policy or amounts regulated according to an enclosed sub article.
  •  Risks that are not covered: Any claims that relate directly or indirectly to and arise from the following cases will not be covered:
    • War, invasion or the like;
    • Civil war, riot or major changes and causes that lead to declare and maintain urgent situation/ curfew, etc.
    • Damages that happen in abnormal conditions that arise from or are direct or indirect effects of above break-downs;
    • Damages that happen when the house is vacated for 60 days;
    • Damages that happen when the house is being repaired;
    • Damages that are destroyed according to the order of State Government or local government;
    • Assets that are fermented or heat-radiated by itself or suffers from the effects of heat or dry processing;
    • Damages that are direct or indirect effect caused by earthquake risks or consciously actions of person buying insurance;
    • Damages are direct or indirect effect caused by nuclear material or radio-active, etc.
    • Damages to electric equipments or any parts of electric equipment that is due to overload, short circuit or leakage, etc.
    • Damages that are indirect effect of any reasons or forms.
  • Insurance benefits: The insurance policy will cover material damages that occur accidentally and unforeseeably to the insured houses. The value of compensation is equal to the value of the damaged part. The insured risks include:
    • Fire, explosion of gas containers, steam boilers or hot water boilers (that is for family living); lightening strike.
    • Collision with objects such as:
      • Air planes and other means of air transport or being struck by these things;
      • Vehicle or animals.
    • Storm, tornado, flood, land subsidence, except damages caused by normal fusty, damages to equipments outside the house and others outside movable estates. (Compensation limit is VND 100 million);
    • Damages due to robbery (Compensation limit is VND 100 million).
  • Value- added services
    • Typical personal financial services of BAOVIET Bank;
  •  Premiums:
    • Preferential treatment: A reduction of 15% of insurance premium for private houses financed by BAOVIET Bank.