Health Care

Health is seen as the most valuable asset of a person, a solid mainstay of his/her life, and a source of joyfulness and happiness of each family.

With health insurance, BAOVIET Bank is honored to take care of your most valuable asset given by life, helping you and your family lead a confident, successful and secure life.

  • The Insured
    • Vietnamese citizens and foreigners residing in Vietnam age from 12 months to 65.
  •  Scope and Term of Insurance
    • Customers in all parts of Vietnam are eligible for this insurance;
    • The term of insurance is one year and is renewed annually with simple procedure.



  • Having medical expenses covered for sickness, diseases, pregnancy, and accidents with various levels of insurance premiums of choice;
  • Enjoying supplementary conditions, including outpatient treatment, medical emergency transportation and income allowance;
  • Enjoying a 5%  reduction of premium for children under 18 if the entire family are insured, and a 20% reduction of premium for renewing contract for another year;
  • Selecting medical facilities of choice;
  • Skipping medical check-up before registering for insurance;
  • The list of hospitals which accept medical expense guarantee.

Customers are to fill in the insurance form fully and honestly.