Receiving money oversea via Western Union

If their relatives send customers money from overseas via Western Union, customers can go to any branch of BAOVIET Bank in the country to receive money fast, safely and conveniently.


  • This is a form of foreign currency payment via quick money transfer service of Western Union company.
  • Payment in VND or USD.
  • Receivers do not have to pay any fees.
  • Receivers do not need to either open an account or declare the source of the money transferred.
  • Receivers do not have pay personal income tax.
  • Customers fill in “To Receiver Form” at any branch of BAOVIET Bank:
    • Name, address, telephone number (if any) of Receiver
    • Name, address, telephone number (if any) of Sender
    • The amount of transferred money, foreign country
    • Money transfer code.
    • Security question and answer (if any)
  • Present valid ID/ Passport


To present valid identification Please contact branches of BAOVIET Bank now for advice and product support!