Business Car loans

Lending for car purchasing is a credit product in order to provide funds to Customers to purchase car for goods and passengers transportation and for rent...

  • List of funded cars in various types and the purchased cars may be used as mortgaged assets.
  • Lending limit up to 70% of car value and lending term up to 4 years depending on each car (in case the purchased car is used as a mortgaged asset)
  • Lending limit up to 85% of total borrowing need and lending term up to 5 years in case the mortgage asset is other asset.
  • Flexible debt payment method suitable with the Customers’ debt payment capability.
  • Object: Individual customers who need to borrow funds to purchase new cars for business purposes.
  • Currency: VND
  • Repayment method: Flexible repayment method, depending on Customers’ capability:
    • Periodical principal payment, monthly interest payment based on real debt.
    • Or principal payment at the end-term, monthly interest payment based on real debt.
  • Loan conditions:
    • Customers have permanent residence or KT3 residence within the operating areas of BAOVIET Bank;
    • Customers have their own funds and financial capability to pay debt amd interest within the committed term:
    • Customers have feasible, effective and legal business plan;
    • Customers have mortgaged assets satisfying conditions stipulated by BAOVIET Bank.
  • Collaterals: The purchased car or other mortgaged asset (real estate, valuable notes).
  • Application form for borrowing and debt re-paying plan (Download)
  • Family Register or Permanent Temporary Residence Certificate, ID Card or Passport;
  • Financial proof and debt payment sources; Feasible business plan;
  • Documents for proving fund borrowing purposes (Car sale contract, cash depositing documents…);
  • Documents of mortgaged asset (in case the purchased car is not be used as a mortgage asset).

To find out more information, please call BAOVIET Bank Customer Sevices Center. Tel: 1900 55 88 48 or (04) 39 38 19 19