Message from BAOVIET Bank

The emergence of BAOVIET Bank has built up a new milestone in the development of the multi-financial-services corporate model: Bank - Insurance - Securities - Investment. As a new member with diversified, cross selling products and services with other members of Bao Viet Holdings, BAOVIET Bank is set to play a positive role in diversifying, maximizing value for all products and services of the Holdings. 

Besides Bao Viet Holdings, BAOVIET Bank proudly has the capital from top companies in their business field including Vietnam Dairy Joint stock company (Vinamilk), HIPT Technology Joint stock company ..., which is a solid and important foundation for the bank to reach market, arrange finance, apply modern technology to bring the best products and services to customers. 
Understanding the importance of human elements to the success of the enterprise, especially for a newly established bank, the Board Directors of BAOVIET Bank has made consistent efforts in buidling a group of leader with adequate "Ethics - Mind - Talent" to drive BAOVIET Bank ship in future journeys. 
The aim of BAOVIET Bank is to become a modern retail bank suiting international standard towards modern, customer-centered banking administration. The standardization includes administration method, technology, monitoring stystem, overall risk management, as well as information management system, professional working behaviour of each employy. The standard that BAOVIET Bank aims for is to guarantee a modern structure for the bank to confirm its position in an environment that all banks need basic change in system and administration. Besides, standard will be the base for BAOVIET Bank to provide the most perfect, modern services to the market. 
We commit to build a standardized bank, provide the best products and services to bring the highest benefit to customer. 
~ Solid trust, Sustainable Commitment~