This is to timely meet enterprise’s demand to ensure the implementation of the obligations committed with customers, partners through diversified methods of guarantee.

1.     Domestic Guarantees

  • Loan guarantee
  • Payment guarantee 
  • Bid guarantee
  • Contract performance guarantee
  • Guarantee for Product quality warranty
  • Tax payment guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee 
  • Delivery guarantee                                                      
  • Other guarantees

2.     Foreign Guarantees

  • Notification, certification guarantees issued by correspondent banks
  • Testing and certification of signatures letter of guarantee
  • Collecting under the guarantee
  • Ensuring prestige, partners’ confidence in implementation of business commitments, and increasing enterprises’ capacity of gaining advantages.
  • Quickly issuing letter of guarantee; keeping secret of information; ensuring suitability of guarantee’s content with the rules; meeting reasonable requirements of beneficiary.
  • Preferential competitive guarantee service charge suitable to any forms and characteristics of guarantee of various types; the rate of deposit is reasonable and flexible.
  • Professional staffs who deeply understand guarantee processions, are ready to share, consult and support the best financial solutions to ensure enterprises’ benefits.
  • Guarantee application.
  • Legal files (to be supplied once at opening account)
  • Credit application
  • Financial file
  • Property assurance file