Deposit and Account

BAOVIET Bank provides diversified services of account and deposit with multiple facilities and competitive interest rate that help businesses to make full use of unemployed capital.
  • Current account
  • Optimum profit account
  • Fixed deposit account
  • Special purpose account (Debit)
  • Special purpose account (Credit)
  • Co-owner account
  • Custody/ exclusive account
  • Margin Account
  • Other services
  • Free account openning, simplified procedure
  • Safe, accurate and absolute securified
  • Optimum profit earning from temporary unemployed capital with Optimum Profit Account (Biểu lãi suất tham khảo)
  • Cost saving by means of Intenet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking
  • Value added services: Overdraft, cashflow management, payroll service, collection...
  • Legal profile
  • Application for account openning Giấy đăng ký mở tài khoản (for corporate customer)
  • Application for Co-owner account openning Đăng ký mở tài khoản đồng chủ sở hữu (for corporate customer)
  • Agreement on openning and use of Optimum Profit Account