Cashflow Management

BAOVIET Bank provides optimum solution for cashflow management with diversifying services (single or packaged), through various approachs that ensure prompt performance. With Cashflow management solution from BAOVIET Bank, customers with wide network of subsidairies, branches and distribution agents can best manage their financial resources.

  • Centralized account management: With this service, BAOVIET Bank will help Groups, Corporations and those with nationwide network of sales to promptly and timely gather up the capital at head office or split the capital to subsidairies.
    Accordingly, BAOVIET Bank manages one main account and numerous of sub-accounts by means of automatically maintaining the requested balance by customers at the beginning of the day and at day-end. Respectively, the system will automatically gather money from sub-accounts and debit to main account or extract money from main account to sub-accounts. The balance on accounts earns optimum interest.
  • Payables management: cash payment upon request, bills payments, payroll, etc.
  • Receivables management: cash receipt upon request, bill collection, etc.


Centralized account management:

    • Gather up all funds at one certain points so as for intensified supervision and control
    • Reduce cost of accounts management
    • Intensifying the control and management of corporate’s liquidity
  • Automatically gather up temporary unemployed captial from sub-accounts into the main account
  • Make use of temporary unemployed captial to optimize profit
  • Corporate customers benefits from BAOVIET Bank’s supports on temporary financial demand by means of services such as main/sub-account overdraft
  • Other added facilities: Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking

Payables management:


  • Time and resources saving
  • Timely payments so as to build prestige with partner
  • Minimize transactional risks


Receivables management:

  • Quick collection of payments for Goods/services
  • Easy tracking of liability collection data via Internet Banking
  • Cutting-edge and automated technology applied in transactions and account management



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