Project Financing

Capacity of supplying medium– and long–term capital has been an advantage of BAOVIETBANK since it came into operation. In addition, there is cooperation with other members of BAOVIET Insurance – Finance Group and capacity to arrange funds with domestic and international agent banks.

BAOVIET Bank financing for enterprises to meet the following conditions:
  • The invested project is feasible and efficient in accordance with the provisions of law
  • Ability to ensure financial capital repayment and interest of the loan term
  • Ability to meet the requirements of the appropriate loan guarantee
  • Other conditions under BAOVIET Bank's requirements
  • High economic effect: Competitive interest rate, diverse mode of principal and interest.
  • Comprehensive solution: The bank supplies package solutions with added value services like insurance, project advice at enterprises’ demand. The loan term is flexible on the basis of project’s time of capital recovery and reimbursement capacity.
  • Loan Application
  • Legal files (to be supplied once at opening account)
  • Credit application
  • Financial file
  • File of financied projects
  • Property assurance file