Flexible Capital Financing

Flexible capital financing is a loan product for small and medium businesses in which customers could use flexible loans for many purposes such as regular working capital supplement, new fixed asset investment or fixed asset repair/upgrade. Maximum loan period is up to 36 months and repayment are diverged into month / quarter to reduce the financial pressure on customers.
  • At least 2 years of operation in the field of lending
  • Feasible business plans.
  • No bad debts at the time of loan
  • Other conditions as prescribed by BAOVIET Bank
  • Be flexible to use additional funds for working capital or investment / upgrading of fixed assets and other investment projects
  • Loan period for working capital would prolong up to 36 months and repayment period is distributed monthly / quarterly
  • Simple procedures
  • Accepted the diversity of disbursement vouchers
  • Application for non-collateral loans would be considerable
  • Legal documents
  • Financial records
  • Business plan, plan to invest or upgrade the fixed assets
  • Collateral profile