Cargo Insurance

Being members of BAOVIET Holdings, which has been accompanying the development of Vietnamese insurance industry for 43 years, BAOVIET Bank, in particular, and BAOVIET Insurance, in general, is always the first choice of corporates upon their need of insurance.
Coming to BAOVIET Bank, corporates will be consulted, guided to select the best and most profitable insurance policies that fit each specific type of cargo, transportation method, packing method with simple and convenient procedure.


Type of insurance:

  • Domestic cargo transport insurance
  • Export-import cargo insurance

Types of risk covered:

  • Fire, explosion
  • Earthquake, thunderstorm, inundation, windstorm, tsunami, lightening
  • Transport suffers with  wreck, overturn, drop, agrounded, crashed with others or by other objects, derailed
  • Broken trees; collapsed road bridges, tunnels and other structures
  • Lost transport
  • Discharging cargo at port where the transport suffered the accident
  • All damage of any cargo package dropped-off from ship or train during the process of loading or discharging
  • General damages
  • Extraneous risks on agreement: theft pilferage and non-delivery, malicious acts, shock, and other similar extraneous risks

Expenditures covered by insurance are reasonable spendings:

  • Paid by the insured or agent of the insured in order to prevent or reduce the loss for the insured cargo
  • Expense for the discharging, demurrage and transhipment of insured cargo in transit occurred from risks covered within scope of insurance
  • Expenses for the verification of the cause, level of loss within insurance liability
  • Customer can buy insurance for the cargo or the shipment right upon the raise of demand without requirement of full information about the cargo/shipment, which can be supplemented later.
  • Single insurance or annual insurance or batch insurance in which transhipments allowed are available
  • Easy, quick and convenient procedure
  • Get advices for the seclection of best insurance terms in regards to cargo characteristics and packing method
  • Competitive insurance premium, in VND or USD
  • Upon incurred loss within insurance liabilities, customer gets comprehensive assistance for quick, accurate indemnity claim procedure from agents and/ or network of inspectation centers at every local seaports, river ports and/or network of relationship with more than 100 insurance firms worldwide.
  • International standards of insurance terms and conditions; strong financial capacity, insurance techniques and relationship with international reinsurance market that help optimizing customer’s benefits
  • Other packaged financial products such as trade finance, international settlement are available upon request
  • Certificate of Business registration
  • Documents to prove the ownership of cargo
  • Cargo Insurance request:
    •  International cargo transportation insurance
    •  Domestic cargo transportation insurance