BAOVIET Bank Visa credit card

BAOVIET Bank Visa credit card extremely suits to customers going abroad for business, travelling, study abroad or young tech lovers who enjoy purchasing online.  

  • Sold foreign Currency conversion when abroad
  • Easy to manage personal spend
  • Especially useful to families with members studying abroad and needs to pay tuition fee/living stipend in time.
  • Credit limit
    • Standard: 10 – 100 million VND
    • Gold: From over 50 million VND
  • Buy and pay later with maximum 45 days of interest free (*)
  • Non collateral credit
  • Pay in millions of point of sale (POS) worldwide and via the Internet
  • Cash withdrawal up to 50% credit limit in all ATMs with Visa symbol domestically and internationally
  • Easy to pay statement balance without going to the physical bank with Internet Banking 
  • Enjoy preferred program “Gold list” at restaurants, shopping mall, health care centers which are  BAOVIET Bank and Visa’s partners
  • Customer service 24/7 via call center 1900 55 88 48.

(*) depends on transaction record day on bank statement 

Registration requirement

  • Main card: Individual from 18 to 65 years old with permanent address in BAOVIET Bank’s area
  • Supplement card: Individual from above 18 years old (individual from 15 – 18 years old must have card usage approval from his/her law representative)
  • Employee who has
    • Working experience: 06 consecutive months at a company (not including trial time)
    • Stable income: minimum 5 million VND/month
    • Note: If you are not qualified for these criterias, please contact 24/7 Customer Service 1900 55 88 48 for consultancy.

Registration documents

•  Application for issuance of International Credit Card

•  Identity proof paper: provide one of the followings:

  • Identity Card
  • Passport (copy)

Address proof paper: Family Register/ Long-term Residence Certificate (copy). In case address in Family Register/ Long-term Residence Certificate (copy) and permanent address are different, please provide the copy of one of the following:

    • Temporary address certification paper
    • Temporary address book
    • House ownership certification
    • Land usage certification
    • Electricity, water bill… at temporary address
  • Papers proof income: provide one of the following:
    • Labor contract/ Work certificate (copy)
    • Balance statement of 3 recent months (original sealed by the bank)
    • Appointment Decision (if applicable)

 Note: All documents must be legal and valid, all copies should have original documents for examination or legal certification of authorized organization.

How to apply

  • Get to BAOVIET Bank’s branch/transaction office
  • Call customer service 24x7: 1900 5555 88


Card application form 

Balance statement payment

Pay via Internet banking

  • Log in Internet banking
  • Choose menu Credit Card/Balance statement payment
  • Choose source account (already integrated in the list), fill in credit card number, payment amount, check name of card holder
  • Choose “Next”
  • Type in security code and choose “Pay”
  • Transaction closes

Pay in cash or transfer at counter of BAOVIET Bank or other banks

Beneficiary account:VND1751000110001

  • Beneficiary account name: Trung gian phai tra thanh toan the TD
  • Beneficial bank: BAOVIET Bank – HO


  • Issuing fee, annual fee (first year): free
  • SMS fee to inform of transaction and statement: free
  • Attractive gifts for customers with high amount of consumption
  • Attractive reward program